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E-mail:  info@gensace.com

Address: R-16C, Dunhuang                Building, ZhuZiLin                Futian District,                Shenzhen,Guangdong                China.
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 Ace Team Driver - Kevin Taylor 


I've been granted an opportunity to represent ACE BATTERIES for the Duration of the 2010 season, and have had smashing success with them thus far.  With only 3 races under my belt, I have managed to put my Ace powered Caster Fusion EX-1.5R in all 3 A-mains, and have already secured my roll as 'one of the guys to beat'.

My first outing with the 5000mAh 40C hard case lipos, was the first round of the Ontario RC Pro Series, where I managed to finish a respectable 5th place finish in the 10 minute main.  I was extremely competitive and was on the same lap as 2nd through 4th place.  A tight field consisting of factory sponsored drivers from Losi, Hotbodies and HoaBoa.  Just to name a few.

I then headed to Hardcore RC in Flamborough, Ontario to compete in the provinces most coveted club series.  It's called the Sunday series, and is a six round series that draws well over 100 drivers each race.  Again, I had great success with the Ace batteries and finished a close 2nd (8 seconds) to globally known Losi driver, Dave Henry.  We fought hard for the lead, but a small mistake on my part, let him by and that's the way it stayed.  I finished 2nd place in the a-main.

By now, I've gained a lot of confidence in the batteries, and finished 4th in Hardcore's second round this past weekend.  There is certainly nothing but good things to say about Ace batteries and they have already proved themselves to be an asset in getting me to the top of the field. I am really enjoying their power, reliability and durability thus far.  With over 20 races yet to attend before the end of September, they will certainly be put through the rigors of racing, and I don't doubt for a second they will stand up to it, and help to consistently put me on the podium!

Kevin Taylor
Ace Batteries - Canadian Team Driver 



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Gens Ace Rc Battery Review
Gens Ace Rc Battery Review

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Gensace LiPo Battery is the #1


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