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 Li-po Battery shootout2! - by Big squid 

Li-po Battery shootout2!

Posted On April 5th, 2010




Welcome all to Big Squid RC’s second highly anticipated Li-po Battery Shootout!

Yes, once again BigSquidRC is host to a Li-po battery comparison. I have not counted them all, but there are probably more than a hundred different companies out there selling Li-po batteries, enough companies that I’m certain we won’t run out of packs to test any time soon.

After our last shootout, some of our readers had gripes about how we did things. Most of the complaints we received centered on why we didn’t just test one particular capacity of batteries. In our Li-po Shootout2, every pack is close to being a 5000 mah, which is perhaps the most popular size right now. The second biggest gripe was why we didn’t test all the packs at a higher discharge load, most wanting to see true 30C discharges (150 amps on a 5000 mah pack). Well, we stuck with our 30 amp load for the discharge test this time around, as quite honestly we don’t have the test equipment to do 150 amp load, nor do we think that any useful data would be obtained at such a load other than whether or not the pack caught fire. This is BigSquidRC, for bashers, by bashers (well, with a couple racers thrown in, LOL), and a 30 amp continuous load is much more real world to a basher than 150 amps continuous. The last big gripe we got from the first shootout was why we didn’t test 4S packs intended for 8th scales. We remained with 2S packs for this test because there are a whole lot more 2S packs sold than 4S, and we are trying to test what the majority of consumers will be buying.

Most of the test equipment was the same this time as it was for the first shootout, but there were some small changes here and there. There were enough small changes that you should not directly compare results of this test to the previous shootout. Ambient temps were much different, as were some connectors. We also used a completely different type of truck for the high speed test. So while it would be handy to lop all the packs from the two shootouts together, it should not be done.

With that said, sit back, enjoy, and may the best pack win.

The companies and packs that participated are:


Brand A 5000mah 40c
Gens ace  5000mah 40c

Brand B 5000mah 40c
Brand C 5200mah 35c
Brand D 5000mah 20c
Brand E 5000mah 30c
Brand F 5000mah 30c
Brand G 5000mah 30c


Thank you all very much for supporting our tests! You guys rock! When you go out to order these packs, make sure to tell them you saw it in the Lipo shoot out on Big Squid RC. This way you can make sure you are getting the same pack we tested with.

Here are the 7 different criteria we used to rate each battery pack.


1. Capacity

2. Top Speed
3. Voltage Under Load

4. Weight
5. Price

6. In Truck Performance-Mod Motor

7. Fit in Stock Traxxas Slash


Final Results.

LiPo Shootout 2 – Final Results

Gens ace 5000mAh 40C 7.4V Lipo battery won the 2nd place overall of the test!

Our scoring system works like golf, the lower the final score, the better the finish!

Here we are, most of you have probably skipped the meat of the shootout and have come directly to the final results (I’m the exact same way!). We’ve listed all our separate category scores so you can actually determine your own “personal” winner. For example, if you don’t care about price and never run your truck high speed, you can drop those categories and calculate your own best pack. Maybe you only care about capacity and price, if so, you can use our category scores to determine your personal winner. What it boils down to here is that while we are listing an overall winner, the best pack for you might very well be different than our number one pack, depending on your own personal needs.

We drove every single pack in the test many, many times. We put them through torture tests, drove them like we stole them, and just like in the first shootout, we didn’t have any problems with any of the packs. None of the cells tested puffed, overheated, leaked, or acted like we were over stressing them with any of our tests.

Gens ace:  5000 mah 40c - No, I had never heard of Ace packs either until the test started, but they insisted that they had something special and wanted in the shootout. So is their pack something special? Well, it won the coveted voltage under load test, won the capacity test, and tied with the Common Sense pack for third in the mod driving test. The Ace is a fantastic performer both on the bench and on the track. Now, availability in the states might not be the easiest thing in the world, but if you can get one in your hands, you’ll be very happy that you did.

By Brian of Big squid RC 


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Gens Ace Rc Battery Review
Gens Ace Rc Battery Review

Gensace LiPo Battery is the #1
Gensace LiPo Battery is the #1


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