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 use and care of your LiPo battery 

A 2-cell LiPo battery has the same relative voltage as a 6-cell NiMh or NiCad type battery that is 7.4 volts.



Running a 3-cell LiPo battery will give you the relative equivalent voltage as running 9 to 10

NiMh or NiCad cells. Be sure that your speed control is capable of running this higher voltage or

damage may occur.

使用一个3芯的电池能給你一个910芯镍氢或镍铬电池带来的电压. 请确保你的电调能承受这么高的电压, 否则会有产生损伤.


Electric motors are capable of running different amounts of voltage. However,

more voltage can and most likely will generate more heat in the motor. You will get much higher

speeds, but you are starting to push the limits of the motors.

电动马达能在不同的电压下运行. 然而, 高的电压往往会产生更多的热能, 你也能得到更高的速度, 但其实你在挑战马达的极限.


It is important that you pay attention to gearing; incorrect gearing along with prolonged runs using

high-capacity batteries can result in excessive heat, causing it to swell and possibly catch on fire or explode.

所以, 应该注意你的传动系统, 用不对的齿轮组合长时间在高电压电池的环境下奔跑会导致过度的热量, 从而很可能导致膨胀, 着火甚至爆炸.


This will overheat the ESC itself and damage it and possibly overheat the motor as well.

These possibilities are not strictly limited to three-cell LiPos.

这会使电调本身过热而受损, 马达也一样. 而这些可能性并不局限于3LIPO电池.


What do the numbers on the battery mean? Like 1250, 2000, 2850mAh, 2S2P, and 2S3P.

电池上面的数字是什么意思? 1250, 2000, 2850MAH, 2S2P2S3P.


1250, 2000, 2850 are battery capacity numbers in milliamps. The higher the capacity number, the

more run time the battery will have.

1250, 2000, 2850是电池以毫安为单位的容量. 高的容量值意味着更长的使用时间.


A 2S2P will be 2 cells in parallel (this is how you get a 7.4 volt battery with 2000 millamps).



The “2S” means there are two cells in series (to get the 7.4 volts) and the “2P” means two in parallel to get more capacity.

其中的2S表示2个电芯串联(来达到7.4V), 2P则指2个电芯并联从而达到更高的容量.


Adding another cell in P will be 2S3P and would raise the capacity.


Wired in parallel means that like polarizations are connected (positive to positive, negative to




Wired in series means the opposite - positive is connected to negative.

串联则反之 正极与负极相连


Inside the LiPo pack are not your familiar cylindrical cells. LiPo “cells” are about a quarter of an inch thick, about the same width and length as the package itself, and stacked atop each other.

LIPO电池组里的电芯并不象我们熟悉的圆柱形电芯. LIPO的电芯是约1/4英寸厚, 并由长,宽是与电池组本身相当的电芯相互叠加而成的.



I see batteries on the market and some say TX or RX even though they may have the same




TX (transmitter) and RX batteries are different in size, have different mAh requirements,

and different voltages.

TX(发射器) RX(接收器)的电池是尺寸不一样, 并有不同的容量需求,和不同的电压要求的


Typically, an RX 2-cell LiPo battery is 7.4 volts with mAh (millampere hours) from 1100 to 1800 or more.

一般地说, RX电池是2, 7.4V, 1100-1800MAH或更高容量的电池.


A TX battery has up to 11.1 volts - it’s important that you NEVER plug a 11.1 volt battery into your RX or it will damage the circuitry of the receiver.

TX电池则是11.1V – 重要的是, 你不可以放11.1V的电池在你的接收器上, 否则会损坏你的接收器.


Also there are receivers on the market that are not compatible with the 7.4 volt batteries, so a voltage regulator must be used to reduce the voltage level so it won’t damage the receiver itself. A typical RX has a 6.0 volt maximum.

当然, 市场上有些接收器不能适用于7.4V的电池, 所以, 为了不损坏接收器, 就必须使用电压调节器了. 一般的接收器最多接受6V的电压.



Do I need to “balance” my LiPo batteries?



Your LiPo battery pack will have either a balancing port or a connector, and you should either

purchase an optional balancer like the Astro Blinky and/or a charger that is has the capability of

balancing LiPo batteries.

你的LIPO会有一个平衡的平台或者是一个平衡充接口, 你需要买一个像ASTRO BLINKY平衡器或者一个具有平衡LIPO电池功能的充电器.


If the battery goes out of balance (or match), they have a higher chance of failure since the packs are sensitive to overcharging and discharging.

如果你的电池里的电芯相互不平衡(或者不匹配), 他们就会很可能用不了, 因为这样的电池会容易过充过放.


Many people who have LiPos claim that they do not use a balancer because it takes too much extra time and is not worth the trouble.

很多拥有LIPO电池的人声称他们不用平衡器因为他需要太多额外的时间, 而这样不值得.


For safety’s sake, it is worth the trouble!

但出于安全, 平衡你的LIPO电芯, 值得!


A balancer keeps the voltage in your cells equal, which helps to keep the battery from over discharging or overcharging.

平衡器能使你LIPO的电芯之间的电压相互相等, 这样能帮助保护你的电池过充过放.


This is very important especially when charging and overcharging a cell causes it to spontaneously swell and possibly explode. A balancer will reduce this risk factor.

这是非常重要的, 特别是当你充电时, 过充一个电芯就很可能引起它的自然鼓胀, 也可能爆炸. 平衡器就可以降低这样的风险.


However, as with anything LiPo, human error is the most common cause for LiPos exploding. So

take caution and read the manufacturer’s instructions before charging.

然而, 像所有的LIPO一样, 认为的错误是电池爆炸最普遍的原因. 所以, 请在充电前注意, 并仔细阅读生产商的说明.



Is a voltage limiter needed in LiPo applications?

LIPO应用中, 电压限制器需要吗?


The limiter is actually a voltage cut-off specific to LiPos used with older speed controls that are not


限制器实际上是与老款电调一起使用的对LIPO的一个电压自动切断的功能组件. 它并不是LIPO.


Compatible and with receivers when using LiPo receiver batteries. It is to prevent the battery

from being discharged too low during use, which would make the pack unusable.

当使用LIPO接收电池的时候也可与接收器兼容的. 它是用来阻止电池在放电时在使用中过放而使电池不能再用.


The cutoff is usually around 6.25 volts or 3.0 volts per cell. Once a LiPo discharges below 3.0 volts per cell, there is less chance that you will get it to recharge again.

电池的断路电压通常是6.25V3.0V每片电芯. 只要LIPO的单片电芯电压低于3.0V, 你就很可能不能再对其充电了.



Do 3 cells take more time to maintain?


It does not take more time - it takes more care! The maintenance is the same for any LiPo batteries, but common sense is your greatest tool.

它不是需要更多的时间, 而是需要更多的小心. 它的保养和一般的LIPO电池是一样的. 但常识才是你最好的工具.


Unfortunately, people who do not take care and follow the rules set by the battery manufacturer are to blame for LiPo-related disasters due to incompetence.

很遗憾, 因为误使用LIPO,而产生相关的灾难,惨剧通常是追责于那些不注意和不遵从电池厂商设定的的使用规则的人.


Examples of improperly treated batteries include: running their motors until it’s 80 degrees centigrade, overheating batteries, overcharging with the incorrect charger settings, and over-discharging the battery.

不正确使用电池的例子有: 80度的高温下仍然运行他们的马达, 使电池过热; 在不正确的充电设置下过充和对电池的过度放电.


Lithium Polymer Safety Tips



Lithium Polymer cells are a tremendous advance in battery technology for RC use. However, due to the chemistry of lithium cells, there is a possibility of fire if charging is not done properly!

LIPO电芯是为RC所用的一个极为先进的电池技术. 然而, 由于LIPO的化学成分, 如果充电不当, 电池有可能着火.


Care is unavoidable due to the nature of lithium itself.

所以, 由于锂电的这个本质天性, 小心是不可避免的, 是必须的.


This is no different from many things we use in daily life – knives, kitchen cleaners, and automobiles, for example – which are inherently dangerous, but which

can be used safely by adhering to simple rules and precautions.

这像我们生活中用的许多东西一样 比如说刀, 厨房清洁用具, 汽车等. 他们都是天生危险的, 但只要遵从一些指示适当使用, 就不会有问题. 


Be absolutely sure that the Lithium Polymer charger settings are correct for the battery pack

being charged – both voltage and current settings.

在电池充电时, 绝对要确保LIPO充电器的设定是正确的. – 电压和电流的充电都应该是设定正确.


Lithium Polymer must be CHARGED and STORED in a fire-safe container like a LiPo Sack.



Do not charge batteries near flammable items or liquids.



Keep a dry fire extinguisher nearby - or a large bucket of dry sand, which is a cheap and effective extinguisher.

保证有灭火器在旁. – 或者一大桶干沙(这又便宜, 又比灭火器更有效).


Never charge inside an automobile even when parked.

不要在汽车里充电, 尽管把他们包好了.


Batteries should NEVER be left unattended while charging.



KEEP BATTERIES AWAY from children and pets at ALL times.



Handling Cautions



New cells may have a high initial charge, and care must always be taken to insure that the battery is not short-circuited.

新的电芯应该在首次充电时充足电. 而且要注意保证电池不是短路的.


Never leave batteries on a hot day in direct sunlight, or in any other place where ambient

temperature may exceed 140F/60C.

不要把电池放在炎热的太阳底下, 或者周围气温高于60度的地方.


Do not put the loose cells in a pocket, bag, or drawer where they could short-circuit against other

items, or where the battery tabs could be pressed against each other.

不要把松脱的电芯放在衣袋里, 包里或抽屉里. 他们可能会与其他物品发生短路, 或电池极耳可能会相互接触.


Do not place the loose cells on any conductive surface, such as a metal-topped table.

不要把松脱的电芯放在导电的平台上, 如金属面的桌子.


Take special care that metallic objects like hobby knives do not puncture the cells.

特别注意如小刀等金属物品, 不能刺穿电芯.


If the electrolyte in the cells should get on your skin, thoroughly wash with soap and water. If in

the eyes, rinse thoroughly with cool water. Immediately seek medical attention for this or for


如果电解液滴落在你皮肤上, 请用肥皂和水彻底清洗干净. 如电解液不慎入眼, 请用冷水彻底冲洗干净, 并马上寻求医疗.



Can I still use or fix a LiPo battery if it has been damaged or mishandled?

在电池已损坏或错误操作后, 我还能继续用或者修理这个电池吗?


If a LiPo battery has been physically damaged or discharged or overcharged beyond its

recommended limits and the pack is swelling, DO NOT try to fix or repair the battery.

如果一个LIPO已经彻底地毁坏或超过它的建议限制过充过放并电池已经开始鼓胀, 请不要尝试去修理它.


It would be best to follow the steps below for proper disposal of the LiPo cells. The batteries must also be cool before proceeding with disposal instructions.

如果能按下列适当的方法去处理LIPO电池是最好的. 但在处理前必须保证电池是冷却的.


To dispose of LiPo cells and packs


If any LiPo cell in the pack has been physically damaged, resulting in a swollen cell or a split or tear in a cell’s foil covering, DO NOT discharge the battery. Proceed right to step 5 on this list.

LIPO电芯已经物理性地毁坏, 导致鼓胀或在电池的金属箔片上有裂痕, 请不要再用电池放电. 按下列步骤5操作.



If you are disposing of LiPo batteries/cells:


1. Place the LiPo battery in a fireproof container or bucket of sand.

1. 把电池放在一个防火的容器或乘沙的桶里.


2. Connect the battery to a LiPo discharger. Set the discharge cutoff voltage to the lowest possible

value. Set the discharge current to a C/10 value, with “C” being the capacity rating of the pack.

For example, the “1C” rating for a 1200mAh battery is 1.2A, and that battery’s C/10 current value

is (1.2A / 10) can be used, such as a power resistor or set of light bulbs as long as the discharge

current doesn’t exceed the C/10 value and cause an overheating condition. For LiPo packs rated

at 7.4V and 11.1V, connect a 150-ohm resistor with a power rating of 2 watts (commonly found at

a local electronics store) to the pack’s positive and negative terminals to safely discharge.

Connecting the battery to an ESC/motor system and allowing the motor to run indefinitely until no

power remains would be an alternative way to discharge the battery.


2. 把电池连接到一个放电器上. 设定电池的断路电流到一个可能的最低数值. 设定放电电流到额定C值的1/10. 例如: 1200MAH容量的电池,1C1.2A, 则电池1/10C放电电流则是0.12A. 这样的电流能使用, 比如ige 电阻或者设定一个可调的电灯泡, 只要不让放电电流超过1/10C而导致过热的情况. 若电池是7.4V11.1V, 连接电池的正负极到一个额定功率为2, 150欧姆的电阻(通常在本地的五金电子店可以找到)进行安全放电.

连接电池到一个电调/马达系统, 让电池无限期运行, 直到没电也是一个可选的放电方法.


3. Discharge the battery until its voltage reaches 1.0V per cell or lower. For resistive load type

discharges, discharge the battery for up to 24 hours.

使电池放电至每片电芯1V或更低. 若是电阻负载模式的放电, 则对电池放电24小时以上.


4. Prepare a plastic container (do not use metal) of cold water and mix in 1/2 cup of salt per gallon

of water. Drop the battery into the salt water. Submerse the battery into bucket or tub of salt

water. This container should have a lid, but it does not need to be airtight. Allow the battery to

remain in the tub of salt water for at least 2 weeks, then remove from the salt water.

准备一个塑料容器(不能用金属), 装上冷水, 并以1/2杯盐每加仑比例配置冷水. 把电池放进冷水. 令电池完全浸泡在盐水里. 这个容器应该有个盖子, 但不需要是密封的. 使电池在盐水中放置盐水桶里至少2个星期, 然后才拿出来.


5. Wrap it in newspaper or paper towels, and place it in the normal trash. They are now landfill safe.

用报纸或厨房纸巾把它包好, 并把它放在一般的垃圾桶里。这样电池就能被安全处理了.



The above information was collected from various Internet sites and is intended to give us a better understanding of

Lithium Polymer batteries.

Revised 29/07/10

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